The study of decision-making

Dear Madam or Sir:

The following study is part of a research project by the Chair of Experimental Psychology at the University of Mannheim in Germany. The goal of the study is to find out more about how humans make decisions. In this study we will ask you to work on several tasks. Taking part in this study is entirely voluntary and you may cease participation at any time. Participating in the study will take about 30 minutes.

Speakers or headphones required

To participate you need speakers or headphones on your computer. If you do not have speakers or headphones you cannot participate.


If you complete the study and answer all questions, you can participate in the lottery. The next lottery will be organized at the end of March, 2016 among participants with 20 best results. 5 winners of the lottery will receive the prize - 20 Euros Amazon vouchers, which will be sent by emails. If you want to participate in the lottery, you can leave your email address at the end of the study.

If you are a student of the University of Mannheim, you will be compensated according to the conditions written on the SonaSystems page. To prove that you participated in the experiment, at the end of this study you can enter your SonaSystems personal code.

Data processing

Your answers and decisions will be analyzed and reported anonymously. No information about your identity will be associated with your answers. There are no known physical, social, or legal risks involved in the study. The study employs variants of survey questions and experimental tasks that have been widely used in previous studies. By pressing the continue button below, you proceed and affirm that you understood the instructions and that you consent to participating in this study. You may choose to receive a full description and rationale for this study, by e-mailing your request to (Subject: Online Study).